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Dennis Reddick's gallery

This site mainly showcases much of my landscape and seascape photography from the South Coast of England.

Each photograph captures a moment in time. Whether I'm in Dorset or closer to home in Brighton, Sussex. I look for inspiration in those moments. Sometimes it is elusive, other times it takes my breath away. Light and shadow dance over the landscape making magic, bringing tranquillity, excitement, wonder and beauty. May we each have our own magic moments?

Well, have fun browsing my site. Please check frequently as it is evolving slowly but surely, constantly updating and hopefully improving.

Lepe Beach II


Dawn Rising The South Coast of England
(Contains 104 photos)
Poignant and vivid images from Dungeness in Kent to West Wittering in W. Sussex.
Lepe Beach II Hampshire, Dorset and Devon
(Contains 36 photos)
Evoking picturesque photographs from The New Forest in Hampshire to Ayrmer Cove in Devon
Morning Sun Ashdown Forest
(Contains 7 photos)
Colourful images from the ever changing Ashdown Forest.
Tranquil Boats The Lake District
(Contains 16 photos)
An array of tranquil landscapes from the beautiful Cumbrian countryside.
City Hall Expressive
(Contains 21 photos)
Expressive views and images.
Derelict Shoreham Cement Works
(Contains 29 photos)
Black & White (with the odd colour) images of the cement works that ceased operating in 1991.

Best viewed as a slideshow.